#UserGroupWT User Group World Tour 2019 – Johannesburg

David Meego - Click for blog homepageHello from Johannesburg.

Yesterday was the final day of the User Group World Tour 2019 conference in Johannesburg. It was a fantastic two days jammed packed with lots of sessions and plenty of “advanced networking opportunities” *.

The conference actually started one day early for me as I held a complementary full day GP Power Tools workshop on the Tuesday. There were 24 attendees who got to see the full power and functionality of the suite of tools with demonstrations and examples of all the functionality from all the modules:

  • System Features Module
  • Administrator Tools Module
  • Developer Tools Module
  • Database Tools Module

On the first day of the conference, I presented two sessions, both of which were well received:

  • Choosing The Right Development Tools for the Right Job (with Adriaan Davel)
  • Leveraging GP Power Tools as a Developer

On the second day there were six available timeslots and I presented in five of them:

  • Still More Dexterity Development Tricks & Hacks in 50 Minutes (tips 76-100 with Adriaan Davel)
  • Simplify Adminstering your System with GP Power Tools
  • Sponsor Session: GP Power Tools – Solving Your Pain Points
  • Choosing The Right Development Tools for the Right Job – Repeat (with Adriaan Davel)
  • Geek Speak (Developer Discussion) (with Adriaan Davel & the community)

While the two days were really full on and quite tiring, it was great to meet and greet with the community including many partners and customers who I have worked with or met at the two previous conference in South Africa. It is exciting to see that the Microsoft Dynamics GP community is still going strong and everyone is looking forward to the next release.

Bob McAdam and Angie Ryan as the sun sets on the last day of the conference

I have a few days to rest and socialise before starting the five day Dexterity course next week before I fly home on the weekend.

Thanks to all the work by Bob McAdam and Angie Ryan from Dynamic Communities, Pieter Cornelius from Braintree & Nick Botha and Ilse Duncan from Dynamics Africa for all their work organising and running the conference.

Great job guys.

Thank you


* Social events 🙂

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