#GPPT Why every GP site needs GP Power Tools – System Features

David Meego - Click for blog homepageGP Power Tools is the premier tool for administrators, consultants and developers of Microsoft Dynamics GP systems to enhance the usability, support and customize their ERP system.

This series will cover each of the modules of GP Power Tools and explain to potential users and existing users why every Dynamics GP site needs GP Power Tools.

If you already have GP Power Tools, but don’t have all the modules registered, this series will help you understand why you should register the other modules.

For other the other articles in the series, click here:

For an understanding of what is in this module, click here:

System Features

Here are some of the benefits for the required System Features module, which is registered as soon as any of the other three modules are registered:

Need Logs for a support issue?

  • “One Click” capture and email five logs without exiting GP or changing Dex.ini settings.

Need screenshots for a support issue?

  • “One Click” capture and email all open windows with a detailed system status report.

Do you use High Resolution Monitors and Dynamics GP is really, really small and hard to read?

  • Fix font and DPI scaling issues easily with GP Power Tools.
  • Fix wide scrollbars covering digits on transaction windows.

Need to contact support without an email client installed?

  • GP Power Tools can send emails with its built-in email engine.
  • Perfect for Terminal Server environments or Web Client.

Want to find any window quickly?

  • Just press Ctrl-F to find any window in Dynamics GP.
  • Double click to open the window.

Knowing who is editing transactions or performing quick calculations

  • Just by having GP Power Tools installed, see who is editing SOP and POP transactions.

  • Need to do a quick calculation, just press Ctrl-Shift-C to open a Calculator.

More Information

For more information check out the following links:

Don’t forget you can install anytime and activate the free 30 day trial period for any of the modules. If you have some modules registered, you already have preview access to the other modules, but activating the free trial period will give you full access.



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