#GPPT Why every GP site needs GP Power Tools – Administrator Tools Pt. 2

David Meego - Click for blog homepageGP Power Tools is the premier tool for administrators, consultants and developers of Microsoft Dynamics GP systems to enhance the usability, support and customize their ERP system.

This series will cover each of the modules of GP Power Tools and explain to potential users and existing users why every Dynamics GP site needs GP Power Tools.

If you already have GP Power Tools, but don’t have all the modules registered, this series will help you understand why you should register the other modules.

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Administrator Tools

Here are some of the benefits for the Administrator Tools module (part 2 of 2):

Have you lost a window off screen?

  • Some windows in Dynamics GP remember their last position and can open off the visible desktop.
  • GP Power Tools prevents windows opening off screen and ensures you can always see them.

Would you like to remember Window Positions?

  • Window Position Memory remembers the size and position of any window in the application for each user.
  • Enabled by default for common transaction and master windows.

Want automatic logout of users?

  • Automatic Logout with many options and features including dual levels and smart automatic save.

  • Optional Automatic Logout dialog can be shown for last 60 seconds.

Need to Manage User Licenses?

  • Track user log in and log out activity.
  • Includes statistics data from Automatic Logout feature.

Also tracks daily maximum sessions on system, per user and per company basis.

Need to limit User Licenses?

  • Set limits on how many sessions a user can log into at any one time.
  • Create exemptions for users and companies.
  • Set maximum number of sessions allowed for each company.

Storing additional user information

  • Store additional information against User Setup records.
  • Includes Email Address and six user defined field.
  • Automatically populate Default Site ID on transaction windows.

Change Dex.ini settings automatically and remotely

  • No need to visit every workstation to change Dex.ini settings.
  • Dex.ini Configuration can add, update or remove settings from the system level or user level Dex.ini files.

Troubleshooting Customizations

  • Use Dictionary Control to disable customisations and addon products without editing the Dynamics.set launch file.
  • Products can be disabled for the current session or until reenabled.
  • Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and Visual Studio addins can be disabled after restarting.

Update Launch Files automatically and remotely

  • No need to visit every workstation to update Dynamics.set files.
  • Launch File Configuration uses rules to apply changes to launch files.

  • Preview updates as rule changes are made.

Select Customizations on-the-fly

  • Allow users to decide which version of a window or report they want to use as they open it.
  • Select the resource to enable with optional user/company control.

  • Select the versions to offer with customizable descriptions and optional user/company control.

Remembering System Password

  • GP Power Tools can remember the System Password and GP Power Tools Administrator Password so it only requested once per session.
  • Dynamics GP 2018 offers similar feature, which GP Power Tools can disable, if desired.

Control access by configuration

  • Limit access to companies unless using specific application folders or launch files.
  • Ensures customizations or addon products are only used with the correct companies.
  • Designed for multi-national companies or companies with different sets of custom code.

What are the parameters for that script? SDK out of date?

  • Lookup global and form level procedures and functions in any product dictionary.
  • Use lookups or type in what you know to search.

  • Click Display Parameters to show the parameter list.

More Information

For more information check out the following links:

Don’t forget you can install anytime and activate the free 30 day trial period for any of the modules. If you have some modules registered, you already have preview access to the other modules, but activating the free trial period will give you full access.



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