#GPPT New GP Power Tools Full Demonstration Video

David Meego - Click for blog homepageIt has been two years since a new GP Power Tools full demonstration has been recorded to video. Today, I have uploaded a new one hour GP Power Tools demonstration based on the Build 27 release, along with an extra 8 minute video with additional Developer Tools module examples.

Thanks to the team at InterDyn Artis, especially Margaret Bolding who asked for a GP Power Tools demo for their team and Paul Haag who organised the recording.

The main demonstration video includes aspects from all of the modules of GP Power Tools and is a great overview of what the product can do for you.

It includes:

  • Introduction
  • System Features Module
    – “One Click” Screenshots & System Status
    – “One Click” Logging (5 logs)
  • Administrator Tools Module
    – Usability Enhancements – Long Company Names
    – Usability Enhancements – Company Colors
    – Usability Enhancements – Password Expiry Warning
    – Usability Enhancements – Company & User ID in Window Titles
    – Fixing access with Security Profiler and Security Information
    – Easy auditing with Security Information Resources
    – Deny Based Security (Security Hidden & Security Denied)
    – Dynamic Product Selection
    – User Activity Tracking and Max User Count Tracking
    – Automatic Logout
    – Login Limits to control user sessions
    – Troubleshooting with Dictionary Control
    – Resource Information
    – Window Position Memory
  • Developer Tools Module
    – Troubleshooting with Automatic Trigger Mode
    – Self Service Scripts
  • Database Tools Module
    – Database Validation
    – SQL Login Maintenance

GP Power Tools (Build 27) Demonstration by David Musgrave (direct link)


The Additional Developer Tools demonstration video includes some extra examples including:

  • Custom Service Based Architecture (SBA) Web Services
  • Custom Report Writer (RW) Functions
  • Custom URL Drill Backs
  • Skype Customisation to Customer Maintenance
  • SOP Line Renumbering to Sales Transaction Entry
  • Example .Net script

GP Power Tools (Build 27) Additional Developer Tools Demonstration by David Musgrave (direct link)

The GP Power Tools Videos page accessible from the blog menus or from the GP Power Tools Portal has been updated with the new videos.

Watch and Enjoy or Enjoy and Watch 🙂


This article was originally posted on http://www.winthropdc.com/blog.

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