Great Vic Bike Ride 2019 – Where is David? He is riding the Great Ocean Road

David Meego - Click for blog homepageAs of today, I am on a flight to Melbourne with my wife Jennifer, my single road bike and a road bike tandem. We are off to take part (with some 5,000 soon to be friends) in the Great Vic Bike Ride 2019 for 10 days.

This year the ride is starting in Robe, South Australia on Friday 22-Nov-2019 and travelling along the Great Ocean Road for 652km and arriving in Torquay, Victoria on Sunday 01-Dec-2019. With a couple of days either side for travel arrangements, I will be out of the office for two weeks.

You might know that my wife and I volunteer for an organisation called WATCAC (Western Australian Tandem Cycling Advisory Council). WATCAC supports vision impaired cycling and Jennifer is a pilot (front rider) on a tandem for a vision impaired stoker (rear rider). I ride my single bike as a “domestique” to support the tandems (especically when riding as a group).

A few months ago, a vision impaired lady who lives in Melbourne, Victoria (but used to ride with WATCAC while she lived in WA) contacted Jennifer and asked if anyone would be willing to pilot for her so she could take part in the Great Vic Bike Ride. As Jennifer had always wanted to cycle the Great Ocean Road, it did not take her long to volunteer us to take part.

Here is some visual reasons why….

Below is the map and profile for the 10-day 652km Robe, South Australia to Torquay, Victoria ride:

To get a taste of what this is all about, watch the videos below:

Great Vic Bike Ride 2019 (direct link):

Great Vic Bike Ride 2018 highlights (direct link):

For full details of the 10 day ride see the link below:


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