#GPPTSelfie A 2019 Highlight at #UserGroupSummit in Orlando

David Meego - Click for blog homepageI have been back home about a week since the Great Vic Bike Ride 2019, which was an amazing experience. I am planning on posting some additional blog articles with actual maps and elevation/speed graphs as well as photos and video footage from the 700km bike ride. Stay tuned…

In this article, as we approach the end of the year, I wanted to highlight one of the best moments of 2019: the User Group Summit in Orlando in October and especially the #GPPTSelfie Twitter competition that Winthrop Development Consultants ran during the conference.

At the expo during the event, we ran a competition where if you took a photo with our boxing kangaroos Bazza & Gazza (Barry & Garry) and posted it to twitter with the #GPPTSelfie (and other) hashtag, it would put you into the running to win a year’s subscription to our GP Power Tools product (worth US$1,300). For those attendees who wanted to enter, but did not have a twitter account, we offered to take your photo and post it on your behalf. The winner was selected randomly from the entries on the last day of the conference.

The eventual winner was Toulou Yong from NHS Management LLC. The bonus was that his photo was one of the funniest of those submitted. Congratulations and I hope you and your colleagues have been enjoying the many benefits of GP Power Tools. 🙂

For more details of why every GP customer globally should be using GP Power Tools see this Benefits Presentation.

For your enjoyment and for the memories, here are the photo entries from the competition:

It all started with Gazza ready to go, but Bazza was feeling a little flat and needed a coffee.

[Comment: It turned out that it was Gazza who had problems as he had multiple (about 4) slow leaks which we had to find by lathering him in soapy water and patching him with clear nail polish until he finally stopped going limp.]

Rachael: Chocolate and Kangaroos oh my!

Steve found the roos

Enrique with his new friends

Jeff and Bazza & Gazza

Jared says GP Power Tools is the best.

Omar and Wesley are soon to be GP Power Tools fans.

Carlos enjoying his time in Orlando

“Sparkly” Steve conferring with Gazza & Bazza

Mark: Cheers with Gazza & Bazza

Pamela didn’t want to be in the photos and so dobbed in her colleagues.

It’s a knockout by Gazza & Bazza.

Bridget and Darlene say Highlight of the conference meeting the boxing kangaroos.

Karen says she has had a great time at her third GPUG Summit. Awesome.

The famous Kathy Kim says hurry up and visit booth 222 before the expo finishes

Donna: Conferring with Gazza & Bazza

Simon: Having a good time in Orlando! Enjoying learning about the land down under

Frank getting in on the act.

Jessica: Put ‘em up, Put ‘em up Hopped on over to the WinthropDC booth to confer with Bazza and Gazza (our good luck charms) on big time GP tips & tools … No tools here – Only Power Tools.

John says Having a great time at Summit 2019!

Bob says Two “Aussies” at GPUG Summit, G’day mate.

And finally…. the winning photo…

Toulou got beat up by the Aussie Boxing Kangaroos.

Hope you enjoyed the fun look back at our #GPPTSelfie competition at User Group Summit 2019 in Orlando.

Thank you to everyone who entered and thanks for being great sports.

The competition will be back next year for a new or existing customer to win a year’s subscription to GP Power Tools.

See you in Nashville in 2020.


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