#GPPT Beginner’s Guide to Adding Custom Fields – Introduction

David Meego - Click for blog homepageWelcome to a series of articles that explains in detail the steps to add a user defined custom field to a window using Modifier, Report Writer and GP Power Tools to add the business logic. The example project will only need six scripts and no external development tools will be required.

The aim of this series is to work through each of the parts of the process and explain with step by step instructions how it works and why various settings are used. The final article also includes a step by step video.

It would be possible to just show the final result, but I want this series to serve as a guide for creating similar customizations in your own system. That said I will provide the final customization files at the end of the series.

All customizations are created because of the need to meet a business requirement. So here goes:

Business Requirement

We need an internet URL field added to the Item Maintenance window which can be opened in an internet browser. We cannot use the fields on the Internet Information window as they are already used for other purposes.


The solution will be to use Modifier to add the URL field to the Item Maintenance window with a hyperlinked prompt. The data will be stored in the DUOS (Dynamic User Object Store) SY90000 table and business logic will be added to handle saving the URL field. The final piece of the puzzle will be to add the URL field to the Detailed Item List report with Report Writer.

We will be using GP Power Tools to add all the business logic and not using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), Visual Studio Tools or Dexterity itself. For a list of reasons why this approach is a better solution refer to the following article:

In this series of articles, we are assuming that your system has access to Modifier and that the latest GP Power Tools code is installed and that at least the Administrator Tools and Developer Tools modules are registered.

Below are the articles in the series, please work your way through each of the article that has detailed steps to follow:

The following additional articles relate to the issue recently discovered which prevents scripts and triggers against Modifier Added Fields and Modal Dialogs from working in the Web Client environment:

The links will become active after each article is published and the entire series has been added to the GP Power Tools Samples page.

Hope you find this series useful.


05-Mar-2020: Added related articles about using GP Power Tools to work with Modifier Added Fields in the Web Client.

13-Mar-2020: Added article showing hybrid method to improve performance on Desktop Client by using Dexterity scripts and stay compatible with Web Client by using .Net scripts.

26-Mar-2020: Added article showing how to use VB.Net instead of C# for .Net Execute scripts.

09-Jun-2021: Add note about video in final article of the series.

This article was originally posted on http://www.winthropdc.com/blog.

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