Friday Funny: Crustacean themed algebra maths puzzle

David Meego - Click for blog homepageThe time has come for a new numeric picture maths puzzle. Thanks goes to my eldest son for sending this one to me. This one raises the bar as it introduces some more complex mathematics concepts than just simple algebra.

Study this one closely. I hope your trigonometry and calculus are up to scratch.

The puzzle image follows the standard format where it provides the answers to the first three equations, which should provide the information you need to solve the fourth equation.

[Edit] There is an actual mathematical answer to this one, it is not just a joke.

Below is a poll for you to record your answer:

Please comment on how you went, but don’t give away the answer.


25-Aug-2020: Added a note that there is an answer.
25-Sep-2020: Find the solution here: Friday Funny: Solution to Crustacean themed algebra maths puzzle.

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