Winthrop Products for Microsoft Dynamics GP 18.3 (ISV Drop) Available

David Meego - Click for blog homepageLast Friday Terry Heley from the Microsoft Dynamics GP support and services team in Fargo, North Dakota emailed out a download of the upcoming Microsoft Dynamics GP release to the ISV (Independent Software Developer) community.

This “ISV Drop” is an early build which allows developers to start preparing to support the next version of Microsoft Dynamics GP. It give the GP developer community time to set up their development tools and environments for the new version.

The idea is that when the final code for the version of Microsoft Dynamics GP is Released To Manufacturing (RTM’d), most of the preparation and testing has already been completed and the work to release the final code for an ISV’s addon products should be relatively small.

To show how effective this concept is, Winthrop Development Consultants is normally able to release its products within 24 hours and often on the same day that the new version of Microsoft Dynamics GP is released.

If you have access to the Microsoft Dynamics GP 18.3 ISV Drop and want to use the Winthrop products to help you develop your solutions, we are please to announce that the 18.3 beta code is now available for:

Please note that these are beta builds and will be updated when the official build of Microsoft Dynamics GP is released. You will need to update the Winthrop products at that time.

Hope you find the early access to our products for version 18.3 helpful.


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