Friday Funny: Solution to Crustacean themed algebra maths puzzle

David Meego - Click for blog homepageA few weeks ago I posted a rather bizarre picture algebra maths puzzle. It was the Crustacean themed algebra maths puzzle which looked more like a joke than a real puzzle. However, there is a solution and this article will explain it.

If you have not had a go at solving the puzzle and registering your answer on the poll; Stop reading this solution, click on the link above and go do it now. 🙂

The puzzle image is shown below:

And here is the solution:

  1. There are three crabs which total 30, so each crab is 10.
  2. A crab (10) and two lobsters total 20, so each lobster is 5.
  3. A lobster (5) and two prawns total 9, so each prawn is 2.
  4. The prawns are not in the final sum and can be ignored.
  5. The final sum has to be solved in components.
  6. The start of range of the integral is from lobster + lobster – crab = 5+5-10 = 0.
  7. The remaining crab on the numerator of the fraction can be substituted in as 10.
  8. Finally, the Japanese Spider Crab can be replaced with the algebraic variable x.
  9. So we have the integral from zero to infinity of 10 sin(x)/x.
  10. Now what?

While you are quite welcome to solve this yourself from first principles, but if you search on the internet you will find that this equation is based on a known mathematical problem which has a known solution. To save you time…

Because we have multiplied our equation by a crab (value 10) we have a solution of 5 x pi.

At the time of posting the solution, only 28% of respondents on the poll were correct. Did you get it right?

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