#GPPT Processes are currently being run Dialog when logging into Microsoft Dynamics GP

David Meego - Click for blog homepageAfter the release of build 28 of GP Power Tools, we have had a couple of reports from customer sites where users are receiving a “Processes are currently being run …” dialog when logging into Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Read on to understand what the cause is and how this can be resolved.

The error dialog the users are receiving when logging in is shown below:

Processes are currently being run that cannot be deleted.
These processes must be run to completion before you exit.

The Problem

[Edit] FastPath have already released an update which fixes the issue. Thanks for the quick turn around.

It has been identified that this issue is caused by the FastPath SSO (Single Sign On) product. During login their code is attempting to remove all background timed processes from the Process Monitor. The reason they are doing this is because from GP 2018 onwards, there is a timed process called Check User Messages which runs every minute. When that process runs it is updating the last activity date and time as recorded by SQL Server. FastPath SSO has an inactivity timeout feature which uses the last activity in SQL to log out inactive sessions and it was failing to work because of the timed background process running every minute. Their solution was to remove this (and all other) timed background processes.

The Consequences

Removing all the timed processes will disable the functionality that those processes provide. This includes any functionality provided by core Microsoft product dictionaries but also anything that ISV products or other customizations might use background timed processes for.

Below is a screenshot of the Process Monitor window showing Timed processes for a standard Microsoft Dynamics GP install with GP Power Tools and with the Automatic Logout feature enabled.

The Change User Date, Check For Reports To Publish and Check for User Messages processes are part of core Microsoft Dynamics GP will be removed and their functionality disabled.

GP Power Tools’ Automatic Logout will also have its process removed, but it will automatically add itself back into the Timed process queue next time a window is opened. Please note that the GP Power Tools’ Automatic Logout feature does not check SQL activity by default (the option defaults to off and is marked not recommended) which allows it to work AND leave any timed background processes enabled. It also has many other smart features and options that make it the best solution for timing out inactive sessions.

The Dexterity Activity_GetBackgroundStatus() command FastPath are using to remove the timed background processes is the same command that is used to check if there are normal background processes running when you log out or switch companies. If there are no normal background processes it only kills timed processes, however, if there is a normal background process in the queue, it will show the dialog and stop the currently executing Dexterity script.

The Workaround

GP Power Tools build 28 added functionality to automatically close the SQL Login and Company Login windows if they have been left open for more than X (defaults to 5) minutes. This functionality uses a timed background process. The process runs after the time delay has lapsed but also runs when OK button is pressed or the window is closed as it removes itself from the timed process queue.

This functionality was added to ensure that Microsoft Dynamics GP is not left running a Dynamics.exe process without any records created in the ACTIVITY table. The ACTIVITY table is only updated once a user has actually logged into SQL and a Company. Just launching Dynamics.exe can leave the application running indefinitely preventing system maintenance and product installs without the benefit of being able to look at the ACTIVITY table to see who is logged in. This GP Power Tools feature ensures that this situation does not occur.

The feature will need to be disabled and the functionality lost until a proper solution is found. Go to the Administrator Tools window, Usability Tab and disable the option highlighted below:

The Solution

[Edit] FastPath have already released an update which fixes the issue. Thanks for the quick turn around.

FastPath will need to update their product code to avoid this issue. Please contact their support team if you want to keep your background timed processes running or want to keep the GP Power Tools’ SQL Login and Company Login windows timeout feature enabled.

Hope this explains everything.


PS: FastPath SSO is still my best recommendation for anyone wanting to link Microsoft Dynamics GP logins to their Active Directory logins.

21-Oct-2020: For more information see #Dexterity command Activity_GetBackgroundStatus() kills background Timed Processes.

22-Oct-2020: FastPath have released an update to their Single Sign On product which resolves the issue seen with GP Power Tools build 28.

This article was originally posted on http://www.winthropdc.com/blog.

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