Friday Funny: Merry Christmas & Robbie the Reindeer

David Meego - Click for blog homepageMerry Christmas everyone.

Last week, thanks to Belinda Allen MVP for organising, we had a social Teams meeting of many of the Microsoft Dynamics GP community. During this special Advanced Networking Opportunity (thanks Bob McAdam), we were discussing everyone’s favourite Christmas Movie.

There was the predictable mentions of Love Actually, Elf, Die Hard, but I decided to mention one of my personal favourites: Robbie The Reindeer.

Robbie The Reindeer is a series of three animated comedy television specials co-produced by the BBC and the charity Comic Relief which were broadcast on BBC One between Christmas 1999 and 2007. If you have not seen them, below is the first of the three short movies which will have you in stitches.

Robbie The Reindeer In Hooves Of Fire (Direct Link)

I did find out there was a dubbed US version, that had singer Britney Spears instead of Jane Horrocks as Donner, but nothing beats Jane’s amazing voice and accent.



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