Black Boxes and Microsoft Dynamics GP Report Writer Reports

David Meego - Click for blog homepageOver the last week, there has been a Microsoft security update released via Windows Update which is causing graphics on Microsoft Dynamics GP Report Writer reports to show as black boxes.

The Microsoft Dynamics GP support team is aware of the issue and is working to find a resolution. The current work around is to roll back the Windows Updates that caused the issue and pause updates to prevent them from being installed again.

[Edit] 20-Mar-2021: The Windows team have released a fix for this issue, it look’s like it needs to be installed manually. Please see the updates on both the articles from the Dynamics GP Support team and from Beat Bucher (links below).

Below is an excerpt from an email from Terry Heley from the Dynamics GP support team:

What we are seeing as an impact would be legacy Report Writer reports and the call of printing process.

Templates seem fine, your checks will be fine if you are using example Mekorma to print them, if you just have a signature in RW on checks you will probably get a black box on your checks with this update.

It is not just a GP problem, other products could be impacted, but it again depends on the call the product is making.

Right now we are still working with Windows to see what changed and how this impacted our code and printing calls in Dynamics GP.

It does not sound like windows is going to pull this update as products should be more secure in the calls they are making, specifically around this area:

This issue occurs when a printer HBITMAP is being selected into a display HDC (Device Context) by either the application sending the print job or the printer driver rendering the print job. The app (or printer driver) shouldn’t be doing that. Specifically, logos, graphics and QR codes fail to print or render properly when an application tries to select a printer bitmap into an HDC (Device Context). Applications should instead directly to the printer using the context returned by CreateDevice.

Please follow the blog for any updates, if and when a release is scheduled besides the workarounds in blogs, I will let you know.


For more information see the articles and links below:

The Dynamics GP support team and Beat Bucher are updating their articles (top two links above) with new information as it comes to hand.

Hope this summary is useful.


20-Mar-2021: Added information about resolution provided as manual windows update.

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3 thoughts on “Black Boxes and Microsoft Dynamics GP Report Writer Reports

  1. Suggestion. I have several users who struggle to remember their GP logins (usually case issues). Since GP can store a users Windows ID as well as their SQL login, is there a way they can click a button on the login screen to pull in their SQL login (with all the proper case) based on what Windows ID they are logged in with?

    One other question. How is your son doing? Cancer still in remission?


    Steve Fryman
    Leaf Software Solutions
    Indianapolis, Indiana USA


    • Hi Steve

      I could pull their windows login in and populate the User ID field instead of the “Last User”. That would be fairly simple and might help with logins, especially on a terminal server. I have added the idea to the wish list. You can use the form on to send other ideas.

      My son is all good now, in fact at the end of last year, his oncologist “sacked” him saying he did not need to see him anymore. 😁



  2. BTW this isn’t just GP, many programs are having this issue, one being UPS’s Worldship 2021, which can’t print logos or coupons on labels after the update. I’ve heard of many Graphic Editrs, CAD, and Check printing software also having this issue.


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