#DynamicCon 2021 Virtual Conference starts today

David Meego - Click for blog homepageThe DynamicsCon 2021 Virtual Conference starts today (it is already Tuesday for me in Perth, Australia). The free three day conference runs from Tuesday 16th March to Thursday 18th March 2021 (USEST).

Make sure you are registered for the conference and also planning to attend my “Leveraging GP Power Tools as a Consultant” session on Thursday 18th March at 11:00 am (USEST).

Below contains excerpts from an email from Molly Fuchsel promoting the Keynote Speakers, my friends, Shawn and Taylor Dorward, and Dr Megan Lawrence.

Tuesday, March 16, marks the launch of the second DynamicsCon 2021 online event! We look forward to seeing you along with thousands of your colleagues as we kick-off this three-day event at 9 AM Eastern Standard Time.

Link to the Brella Online Platform: DynamicsCon March 2021
If requested, use Join Code: DUG2021


Freely sharing ideas in a fun environment is our mission. While we at Dynamics User Group try not to take ourselves too seriously (see that cameo from Kenny G on our About page for details), we are deeply committed to improving lives through community connection and education.


We are thrilled to announce our Keynote speakers, Dr. Megan Lawrence, Taylor Dorward, and Shawn Dorward. Each will share their powerful testimonials about advances in culture and technology that are transforming lives for the better.

Even though you have already registered for DynamicsCon, there is still time to activate your Brella account so you can view, chat, and network with colleagues and presenters.

Need some quick navigation tips to find your way around the Brella event page? We have a handy map online for you to use.

Get involved in the community.


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