#DynamicsCon March 2021 Presentation Videos Published

David Meego - Click for blog homepageThe Dynamics User Group have published the videos of the presentations from the recent DynamicsCon March 2021 event.

It was fun taking part in the conference and I really appreciated the opportunity to present for you. Thank you to the GP Community for voting for a session on GP Power Tools at the conference.

The DynamicsCon YouTube channel has the all the videos, but below are the video for the welcome and keynote address from Shawn and Taylor Dorward, the video for the GP Power Tools session and the link for the Dynamics GP track playlist.


DynamicsCon 2021 Keynote-Megan Lawrence, Taylor Dorward, & Shawn Dorward-Accessibility in Technology (direct link)

If you missed the GP Power Tools session, below is the video of the presentation.

David Musgrave – Leveraging GP Power Tools as a Consultant (direct link)

Make sure you watch to the end where there is a shout out to my good friend Leslie Vail as Cooter (a teddy bear she made) and I say good bye.

Here is the link for the entire DynamicsCon March 2021 – Dynamics GP playlist.

[Edit] Shawn Dorward’s GP Life Hacks session has a reference to GP Power Tools in the first few hacks. (at 6:11).



31-Mar-2021: Added note about Shawn Dorward’s session mentioning GP Power Tools.

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