Friday Funny: Enterprise Automation circa 1993 (Stardate 46880.9)

David Meego - Click for blog homepageCaptain’s Log: Stardate 74698.4. The automated and mysterious algorithm that controls the video recommendations for the interconnected web for information on my home planet of Earth, resurfaced a very amusing production for the promotion and purpose of selling a computerised Enterprise automation system.

The system is primitive for today’s standards, where I could just ask the computer to perform a level 1 diagnostic, but was very advanced for the era it was created in. In the interest of sharing galactic knowledge with all sentient species, especially those who have already achieved warp speed travel and are eligible to join the Federation of Planets, I will include the broadcast below.

Please sit back and enjoy the broadcast:

Commander Riker in “The Vision” – Boole & Babbage (1993) (direct link)

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