#MSDynGP It’s official: Microsoft Dynamics GP is here to stay

David Meego - Click for blog homepageOver the last few weeks I have been chatting with Terry Heley on the Microsoft Dynamics GP Support team. She was been working really hard on getting the Lifecycle information for Microsoft Dynamics GP updated to reflect Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to the Dynamics GP product.

Regardless of of the sales hype and disinformation you might hear from other sources who want to spread FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt), Microsoft Dynamics GP is not going away any time soon and the product lifecycle information has been updated to show this.

The latest lifecycle and support information is now available from Microsoft Docs at the page below:

The article includes the following diagram showing when the end of support is scheduled for the Fixed Lifecycle versions of Dynamics GP (being GP 2013, GP 2015, GP 2016 and GP 2018 and their associated R2 releases), and also that the Modern Lifecycle version of Dynamics GP (without a year in its name, versions 18.2 or later) will be supported beyond 2028.

Click on the image for full size image.

Have a read of Terry’s article on the topic where she explains the change from Fixed Lifecycle to Modern Lifecycle.

The Modern Lifecycle approach is the standard approach used by Microsoft for their products, including Dynamics 365 Business Central (ex Dynamics NAV) and Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations (ex Dynamics AX).

Here is the link to the official Microsoft Dynamics GP Lifecycle page showing that there is NO Retirement Date:

The supposed “Death” of Dynamics GP has been rumoured for at least the last 20 years and it is just not true. Yes, Dynamics GP development has slowed, but that is because it is a mature and stable product. It has a huge client base and a massive ISV (Independent Software Vendor) community. There is no way that Microsoft would risk losing the GP customer base and the revenue it brings in.

For more information, see my other articles in this series:

If you look at where the misinformation is coming from, you will find it is from competitors and those getting sales bonuses for selling new licenses and not necessarily from the people who have the customer’s interests at heart.

As Terry put it…..

Microsoft Dynamics GP is not Going Anywhere – Microsoft Is Committed to YOU.


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13-Jul-2021: Added another related article by Ian Grieve.
27-Jul-2022: Added links to related articles and Lifecycle page.
02-Dec-2022: Added links to other articles in the series.
04-Apr-2023: Added links to other articles in the series.

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