#MSDynGP Microsoft Dynamics GP v18.4 ISV Pre-release installers now available

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This morning (Perth Time) I had an email from Terry Heley from Microsoft with a link to a pre-release (very early alpha) of the upcoming Microsoft Dynamics GP version 18.4 (October 2021) release. This download is provided to the ISV community to help them prepare for the final code when it is released.

The October 2021 release (also known as the Fall 2021 release) has lots of fixes and well as a number of enhancements.  For all the information on the release, check out the blog series on the Dynamics GP Support and Services Blog:

After Terry’s email, my plans for the day changed as I updated all my products to run on this version 18.4 pre-release build.

If you are a developer and are working with this ISV Drop and need one of Winthrop’s products to use with your code or during the development process, please go to the product download pages on our website and download the installer.

Note: You will need to update to the actual released build once the final code for Microsoft Dynamics GP v18.4 is released and our product installers are updated.

Thanks to Terry and the entire support and development teams for their work on this next version of Microsoft Dynamics GP.



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