#MySummitNA Materials from my Dynamics GP Development Tools Session

David Meego - Click for blog homepageCommunity Summit Conference 2021, hosted by Dynamic Communities (DC) ran in Houston, Texas, USA last week from 12th to 15th October 2021.

I presented a session on Microsoft Dynamics GP development tools. Because I am still unable to leave Australia due to the pandemic border closures, the session was a pre-recorded video presentation.

I tried to organise a Microsoft Teams Meeting during the session to allow for chatting and live Q & A, but the meeting failed to allow guest users to use the chat. Sorry, I know that a few attendees tried to get online with me, but due to the technology letting us down, I spent 90 minutes by myself. 😥

Here are the details and video from my session (watch the video full screen at 1080p):

Name: Microsoft Dynamics GP Development – Choosing the Right Tool

Details: This session will introduce attendees to the many development tools available to you to easily customize and integrate with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Get an understanding of the tools available to you, their strengths and weaknesses and see how you can create solutions. We will cover an overview of customization tools such as Modifier, Visual Basic for Applications, Visual Studio Tools, Dexterity and Integration tools such as Table Import, Integration Manager, eConnect, SOAP based Web Services, Service Based Architecture REST based web services and third party tools.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Development – Choosing the Right Tool (Community Summit 2021) (direct link)

Also, here are archives of the development projects used in the presentation:


  1. These examples are expecting Dexterity to be installed in C:\Dex2100\
  2. Create a folder C:\Dex2100\CustUDF
  3. Copy both archives to the C:\Dex2100\CustUDF folder
  4. Then extract them both to the same folder.
  5. The Development Archive is missing the Cust_Dyn.dic file. Please copy a Dynamics.dic from the application folder to C:\Dex2100\CustUDF and rename it as Cust_Dyn.dic.
  6. Then use Dexterity Utilities to perform a Developer Update from CustUDF.dic into Cust_Dyn.dic and transfer the RM_Customer_Maintenance alternate form.

This is also the same development project used in the DynamicsCon presentation last month.

Hopefully we will catch up in person next year.

If you have any questions related to this project feel free to ask in the comments below.

Stay safe and well.


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