Java Log4J Vulnerability

David Meego - Click for blog homepageOver the last few days I have received a number of requests for clarification of the status of Winthrop Development Consultants’ products and whether they are at risk from the Java Log4J vulnerability that has been in the news recently.

The short answer is no.

For those who would like a bit more information read on…

GP Power Tools, Batch Posting Service Toolkit, and Visual Studio Integration Toolkit are all developed primarily using the native language of Microsoft Dynamics GP, Dexterity. Dexterity itself is developed in C++. For functionality that cannot be achieved with Dexterity alone, we have also used Visual Studio Tools and both the C# and VB.Net languages. There is also code written in Transact-SQL which runs on the SQL Server.

None of the development tools or languages used in our products, or in Microsoft Dynamics GP, use Java and would not have used the Open Source Java logging tool, Log4J.

This issue has also been asked on the Community Forums and Terry Heley from Microsoft has responded with some more information and links.

Check it out on the thread below:

Please make sure you check your other systems, but there is no need to be concerned about our products.

Keep safe and well.


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