#GPPT Iterating through a Dexterity Scrolling Window Sample

David Meego - Click for blog homepageIn my previous article I discussed a method I have developed for Iterating through a Dexterity Scrolling Window.

This technique is something that has been requested many times as working with scrolling windows from the user interface side has always been extremely difficult. Especially when trying to reference it as a VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) or VS Tools (Visual Studio Tools) “Grid”.

This article provides a real life example implemented using GP Power Tools (build 28 or later).

My friend Deon Dalebout from Braintree in South Africa contacted me after seeing this forum thread and asked if I could help with a specific request he had. I said I would look into creating a sample based on his request. It took a while as I have had a lot going on, but it is now finished.

Customization Request

The customer’s request was to provide a way to mark or unmark all of the Verified checkboxes on the Inventory Stock Count Entry window.

The screenshot below shows the buttons added with Modifier and the checkbox field we want to control:


The first step, as usual, is to create a GP Power Tools Project, which we can use to keep all of the resources used for the customization together and allow them to be exported and imported easily.

The next step was to use Modifier to add Mark All and Unmark All buttons created as local fields. Once the fields were added, we can use GP Power Tools to add business logic using Triggers on the two buttons.

Then using Runtime Execute, a script was created to read a boolean Memory Variable and then either check or uncheck the Verified checkbox on each line of the scrolling window while getting the underlying code to execute for the field change and save each line.

This script uses all the steps in the previous article with the exception of changing the Scrolling Window line mode as the window was not an “Adds Allowed” window. Those lines have been commented out.

Once the script was created and working, we could add the two triggers to the buttons to set the boolean Memory Variable and then call the Runtime Execute script.

If no Stock Count ID was selected, the triggers would display a warning system dialog and rather than put the text into both triggers we used a Message ID instead. This allows for the message to easily be changed or have other languages added.

Below is the Project Setup window showing the resources that make up the project, including adding the Modified Form:

Downloading and Installing

Download the example code, import using the Project Setup window (now possible for first time imports with Build 28.8 onwards), or use Configuration Export/Import window (for older builds):

The code will be active on next login or after switching companies, or you can use start the triggers manually from the Project Setup window.

More Information

For more information see:

Hope you find this technique helpful.


This article was originally posted on http://www.winthropdc.com/blog.

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