Resetting Incorrect Registration Proxy Settings

David Meego - Click for blog homepageThis week we had a customer contact us after they changed the Proxy Settings which are part of the Registration System in all Winthrop Development Consultants products. After the change Microsoft Dynamics GP would crash on startup, probably because the settings were incorrect.

These settings should not normally be used as the Winthrop Development Consultants registration system (which uses Quick License Manager from Soraco Technologies) can normally work with the same internet connection as needed for standard web browsing.

If a system requires the use of a proxy server to access the internet, these details can be entered into the Proxy Settings window. If credentials are required, they can also be entered. The Proxy Settings can be accessed using the hyperlink on the top right of the Registration window.

It is important for Registration that the system can access the Quick License Manager Web service URI:

If it is not possible get internet access for the registration system, there is a manual method of entering keys, but this is not required for most customer sites.

In the case where entering the proxy settings causes problems, they can be reset at the table level using SQL statements:

-- GPPT - GP Power Tools
update WPT40000 set ProxyUser = '', ProxyDomain = '', ProxyPassword = '', ProxyHost = '', ProxyPort = ''
-- VSIT - Visual Studio Integration Toolkit
update WVS40000 set ProxyUser = '', ProxyDomain = '', ProxyPassword = '', ProxyHost = '', ProxyPort = ''
-- BPST - Batch Posting Service Toolkit
update WPS40000 set ProxyUser = '', ProxyDomain = '', ProxyPassword = '', ProxyHost = '', ProxyPort = ''
-- IVCP - Inventory Costing Per Site
update WIC40000 set ProxyUser = '', ProxyDomain = '', ProxyPassword = '', ProxyHost = '', ProxyPort = ''

Hope this information is useful.


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