#BPST Batch Posting Service Toolkit Build 11.4 hotfix released

David Meego - Click for blog homepageWe have recently released a new hotfix build for Batch Posting Service Toolkit which fixes a recently discovered issue with Inventory Transactions posted using Service Based Architecture (SBA) not showing in the Historical Inventory Trial Balance (HITB) reports.

It is recommended that all sites running Batch Posting Service Toolkit install the latest code on all workstation and servers where it is currently installed.

Build 11.4 (Hotfix 3) of Batch Posting Service Toolkit is available for the following Microsoft Dynamics GP versions:

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 and GP 2015 R2 (v14.0)
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 and GP 2016 R2 (v16.0)
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 and GP 2018 R2 (v18.0)
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Modern Lifecycle (v18.2)
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Modern Lifecycle (v18.3)
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Modern Lifecycle (v18.4)

The build 11.4 hotfix includes the following changes:

  • Added Fix to enable Historical Inventory Trial Balance (HITB) functionality when posting in Service Mode.

The build 11.3 hotfix includes the following changes:

  • Change http:// hyperlinks to https:// for void need for redirection.
  • Updated copyright notice for the year 2022.

More Information

Just a little more information about the HITB issue and why it worked in Desktop mode using the Batch Posting Service Toolkit testing window, but failed in Service mode when called as a webservice even though both modes run the exact same code.

Service mode does not run the same scripts when logging into Microsoft Dynamics GP in Desktop mode. This means that the global variables in memory and the values stored in hidden windows might not be initialized in the same way. It also means that add on Dexterity products which have triggers to initialize their environments might not have those triggers actually fire if they are registered against scripts that don’t get executed in Service mode.

So far, we have found issues that stopped posting to GL and now the HITB issue. Both of which were caused by differences in the environment between Desktop and Service mode. Batch Posting Service Toolkit now explicitly sets the appropriate values in its own code to solve these two issues and attempt ensure the posting works correctly in both Desktop and Service modes.

Please download and update your systems. You can just install over the top of the existing installation, but must update all workstations and servers which have Dynamics GP installed at the same time.

BPST Portal: http://winthropdc.com/BPST

Download: https://www.winthropdc.com/products_BPST.htm#Downloads



This article was originally posted on http://www.winthropdc.com/blog.

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