Merry Christmas 2022 and Happy New Year 2023

David Meego - Click for blog homepageHello everyone.

This year has been a good year for Winthrop Development Consultants. We have been able to release awesome new builds of our products, write lots of interesting blog articles and share many GP Power Tools sample projects.

This year also marked the return to the conference circuit with David spending a very busy two weeks in Orlando for Community Summit 2022.

Here is wishing you a fantastic Holiday season with a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I found this hilarious Australian version of Jingle Bells for you to enjoy and test your knowledge of “Strayan” (Australian Slang). Apologies that the audio appears to only be on one channel.

Aussie Jingle Bells – Bucko & Champs – THE ORIGINAL (Direct Link)

Here are a few terms for you:

  • Bush: Australian wilderness.
  • Holden Ute: General Motors Holden utility truck.
  • Eski: Brand of insulated cooler for food and drink (lots of drink).
  • Boot: Storage at the rear of a car (Trunk for speakers of American).
  • Kelpie: Breed of dog, often used for cattle herding.
  • Thongs: Rubber sandals (aka Flip Flops (UK/USA), Jandals (NZ)).

The office will be closed between 22-Dec-2022 and 09-Jan-2023, so please don’t expect our usual speedy responses to emails. We will keep an eye on things for emergencies.

See you in the New Year. I have lots of great new developments planned …

As always thanks for your support.


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