Changing Exchange Online Settings with PowerShell

David Meego - Click for blog homepageIn my previous article: #MSDynGP Microsoft Dynamics GP and SMTP Email Failing, I mentioned that it was possible to check and/or change settings for your Exchange Online client.

There are a number of settings which can only be changed using PowerShell as they don’t have any user interface options available. However, many of the articles that provide the details on the settings never say how to actually get PowerShell working to use the settings.

This is where this article comes in …..

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Run Batch Files and Powershell Scripts with Administrator Permissions easily

David Meego - Click for blog homepageHere is something a little different for you. I have two external drives connected to my Microsoft Surface Book 2 15″ computer. One is a 256GB micro SD card hidden in a BaseQi Ninja Stealth Drive loaded into the SD Card slot and the other is a USB 3.0 connected Western Digital 2TB WD Elements Portable. Both of these drives have BitLocker enabled and have the password remembered on this machine.

Every now and then, the drives fail to initialize correctly and in turn fail to unlock with BitLocker. Even though I can see the drives and their total and used capacity, I cannot access them.

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