GP Power Tools Portal

This is the portal page for GP Power Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP (based on the product previously known as the Support Debugging Tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP).

Find this page using the URL:

Below are the current release details:

  • For Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 & R2 (v16.0):
    Build 22 (Last Modified: 15-Mar-2017), Installer: 16.00.0022.3
  • For Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 & R2 (v14.0):
    Build 22 (Last Modified: 15-Mar-2017), Installer: 14.00.0022.3
  • For Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 & R2 (v12.0):
    Build 22 (Last Modified: 15-Mar-2017), Installer: 12.00.0022.3
  • For Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 (v11.0):
    Build 22 (Last Modified: 15-Mar-2017), Installer: 11.00.0022.3


GP Power Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP is a Dexterity, Visual C# and Visual Basic.Net based integrated product for Microsoft Dynamics GP which contains a collection of utilities and tools to make the tasks of administering, supporting and developing Microsoft Dynamics GP easier and faster.

GP Power Tools is sold as three modules which can be bought separately, with some standard features available when any module is registered. The three modules and their features are:

Administrator Tools

  • Avoid data entry errors! Company based colour schemes provide an immediate visual cue to which company is being used.
  • Gain full administrative and audit control of your security system, including Deny-Based Security.
  • Roll out Dex.ini setting changes to all workstations.
  • Simplify troubleshooting by disabling third party products and customizations (including Visual Studio Addins and VBA).
  • Users can customize window positions and sizes based on the how they use the system.

Developer Tools

  • Create, execute and publish scripts from inside Dynamics GP, using  Dexterity, Transact-SQL, Visual C# and Visual Basic.Net.
  • Create triggers to schedule events, customize Dynamics GP, and debug issues by automatically capturing logs.
  • Build custom Report Writer functions or custom Service Based Architecture (SBA) service procedures.
  • Request parameters from users for scripts without needing any additional programming.
  • Group triggers, scripts and parameter lists together into development projects for easy maintenance and exporting.

Database Tools

  • Synchronize and repair Dynamics GP Companies and Users with SQL Server Databases, Logins and Database Users.
  • Update Logins and passwords after moving to a new SQL Server or when creating test environments.
  • Clean up system tables and validate database integrity and table structures before upgrading to minimize upgrade issues.
  • Export and import selected data from multiple tables using XML for quick
    transfer of small amounts of data between systems or for backups.

Essential system features that come with the first module you register:

  • Capture and email 5 system logs in “One-Click”.
  • Capture and email a full system status report and screenshots of all open windows in “One-Click”.
  • Send emails from inside Dynamics GP even with no email client installed.
  • Change Dex.ini and registry settings from inside GP, including making GP work well on high res monitors.

The tools contain two types of features; Standard Mode and Advanced Mode. Standard Mode features can be used safely by all users. Advanced Mode features require system administrator or database owner (dbo) privileges and require expertise in Dexterity, Visual C#, Visual Basic.Net and/or SQL Server administration.

Release Announcements

Below are the links for the various release announcement blog posts:

Frequently Asked Questions

These links provide additional information about GP Power Tools:


To view videos on the various GP Power Tools features, please go to the page below:


The download links are at the bottom of Mekorma’s GP Power Tools page.

GP Power Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP – User Guide Manual Documentation

Note: The manual is included with the installer, but is also available as a separate download.

Support Information

Support for GP Power Tools is provided by Winthrop Development Consultants’ distribution and support partner, Mekorma.

Support cases can be logged using the link below:

Support hours are 6:00am to 5:00pm (US Pacific Time), Monday to Friday.

Ordering Information

For customers, please place your orders via Mekorma’s Order Now page:

Partners can request Not for Resale (NFR) registration keys. Please email with the following details:

  • Contact Name
  • Company Name
  • Company Address
  • Phone Number
  • Your Microsoft Account Number

More Information

For more information, please see the GP Power Tools pages on the Winthrop Development Consultants and Mekorma sites:

Other Articles and Posts

For other related articles and posts have a look at the GP Power Tools category page.

Comments and Feedback

Please provide comments, feedback and suggestions for GP Power Tools to help us understand how we can improve it.

Last updated: 15-Mar-2017

21 thoughts on “GP Power Tools Portal

  1. Hi Dave – is there any capability to add events to the SQL Profiler traces created by the Support Debugging tool? I was interested in adding Exceptions as an event to be captured.


    • Hi Curtis

      You can edit the MBS_SQL_Tracing_API_X stored procedures in the System Database. I would edit the Other one which is MBS_SQL_Tracing_API_5.

      Have you checked the different modes and checked if they contain what you want?

      Please can you provide details of what you want to add, so I can review and possibly add them to GP Power Tools.




  2. I am attempting to build a application to log into a company, build a check batch and print checks. Can I use GPPT to help build that? I tried using a macro to log in and do this, but it stops processing when I get to the print Mekorma checks button, so I am looking for an alternate means of accomplishing this.


    • Hi Dale

      I think the Mekorma Print Button uses macros which is why the macro stops. You will probably still need a macro to login.

      You can use Startup shortcuts to open the window and then you could use non-logging automatic debugger mode triggers to execute Dexterity code to perform the desired actions.

      Mekorma demoed an upcoming product at GPUG Summit that you would be interested in as it sounds like it might solve your requirements.



    • Hi Jorge

      At this time, Dictionary Control is system based, so it will disable the dictionary for all companies.

      Disabling on a per company basis is a good idea and I have added it to the feature wish list.




      • Hi David,

        I wonder if this functionality will be added in your product, if it is, do you have a date for it?

        Meanwhile, do you think I could manage products for each companies using dexterity and the table WPT40200? Actually I have just one product that I would to disable for certain companies.



  3. Hi Arthur

    Have a look at The Understanding Logging Modes series:

    If you create a trigger with no resource it will start manual mode on login. If you limit the user you can specify the user.

    However, if you are looking for something specific, then I would use one of the other Automatic Debugger Modes that actually looks for a condition or Automatic control of Manual Logging to turn it on and off based a window opening or some other event.



  4. Hi David – I’m looking for a way to set the Windows default printer right before printing the EFT remittance advice using Word Templates. Then, reset the default printer after the process completes.

    It looks like I could use Automatic Debugger Mode triggers to fire a .Net Execute script that does the work in Windows. Is that a good way to approach this requirement?


    • Hi Jeff

      That sounds like an awesome use for the scripting technology in GP Power Tools.

      Would you be willing to share your code so I can post a blog about it and give you credit.



  5. Sure – I’ll share the code. This is new for me so it will be a learning experience. I’m looking forward to figuring it out. Just wanted to make sure I was not missing another technique to accomplish the task.


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