Friday Funny: Scam the Scammers

David Meego - Click for blog homepageAre you getting sick and tired of spam emails?

Have you had your fill of scams and phishing emails trying to steal your hard earned cash by fooling you into giving away money or personal details?

Well, now you have an opportunity to fight back and Scam the Scammers.

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Friday “Not” Funny: Stop Autonomous Weapons #bankillerrobots

David Meego - Click for blog homepageToday’s “Off Topic” article for the Friday Funny spot is actually not that funny. It is very thought provoking and as a person who loves technology and the good things it can do, this scares me as it shows how technology can be used in ways that are not so good for humanity.

I mentor at the robotics club for the school that my sons attended and am a committee member for Robocup Junior Australia (WA). I love robots, but only when they help make our lives better.

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Friday Funny: Don’t Say Velcro

David Meego - Click for blog homepageI am flying to Nashville, TN, USA today for GPUG Summit and the pre conference Dexterity and GP Power Tools training I am presenting. Here is something fun, but with a serious underlying message.

A few days ago, the company that 40 years ago invented the “hook and loop” fastening, Velcro, released a funny video begging people to stop calling the fastening “Velcro” regardless of who actually made it.

They are trying to address the issue where the name of one of the most popular brands for a product becomes synonymous with the product itself. This becomes a problem as it is difficult to maintain a trademark when everyone is misusing the brand name. There is a legal ruling about not being keep a trademark that has become part of the common language.

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The Pseudo Science of Computer Software Bugs – Part 1

David Meego - Click for blog homepageEvery developer out there tries to write perfect computer software code.

Well, if they are not trying to write perfect code, they should be.

So, what is perfect code? One would hope it is code that functions as it was designed to. Even better if there are actual documented specifications and the software looks and behaves as described in the specifications.

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