Friday Funny: Make your own magic dragon

David Meego - Click for blog homepageIf you didn’t know, I collect dragon statues and figurines of all shapes, sizes, types and materials.

I now have over 180 of them ranging from a tiny pewter figurine of 1.2cm to a hand made stuffed toy of 70cm. They are made from all sorts of materials including: pewter, stone, glass, clay, resin, plastic, wood, rope, jade, amber and even coal.

The specific dragon that this post is about is made from paper (or card) and can be printed yourself. I already had one made up which was printed on paper using a monochrome laser printer. A while ago a printed a couple using a colour printer onto card, but had not cut them out and made them up until yesterday (after finding them again while doing some tidying up in my office).

Jerry & Andrus

The pattern (inspired by the works of Jerry Andrus) was created by the company Binary Arts, now called Think Fun, for an event called “Gathering for Gardner” to honour the legacy of Martin Gardner, long time columnist in Scientific American.

Check out the optical illusion of the dragon following you when you move in the video below.

Dragon Optical Illusion (direct link)


Below are the links for the pdf files with the template, just print and follow instructions.

Once made up, position the dragon slightly on the diagonal and then close or cover one eye when you move around the room and the dragon will watch you.

You can find them at other places on the web as well:

Blame my wife for buying the first dragon many years ago, that started the collection. 🙂


PS: The coin is the video and picture is an Australian five cent coin and is in the photo of every dragon in my collection to provide a scale reference.

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