David’s Robotics Portal

This portal page is dedicated to my love of Robotics, especially robots built with Lego Mindstorms (both NXT and EV3), and covers the related topics of

Find this page using the URL: http://winthropdc.com/Robotics/

Robotics Fundamentals

Below are articles relating to some of the fundamental concepts of Robotics and specifically to the Robocup Junior Australia competition:

EV3 Basic

Below are articles relating to development using the EV3 Basic extensions to Microsoft Small Basic:

Robocup Junior Australia

Below are the links to the materials for the Robocup Junior WA workshops:

Below is an article following the Rescue Line Workshop held for the Robocup Junior WA 2018 season:

Below are a series of articles posted on this blog as well as my previous MSDN blog about my sons’ exploits competing in the Robocup Junior Australia dance and rescue competitions:

Below are the YouTube playlists for the Robocup competitions:

Comments and Feedback

Please provide comments, feedback and suggestions for what you would like to see on the blog on the subject of robotics.

Last updated: 12-Aug-2019.