GP Power Tools Videos

This is the video page for GP Power Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP. On this page videos of various GP Power Tools features will be published as they are created.

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For a great summary of GP Power Tools features and benefits and how they can solve your pain points, please watch the following Benefits Presentation:

The GP Power Tools Demonstration videos can be found on the following playlists:

Or you can watch the videos you want from the list below:


Winthrop Development Consultants Introduction (direct link)

GP Power Tools Introduction (direct link)

Benefits Presentation

GP Power Tools Benefits Presentation (Live Video) (direct link)

Full Product Demonstration

DynamicsCon – David Musgrave – Leveraging GP Power Tools as a Consultant (direct link)

GP Power Tools (Build 27) Demonstration by David Musgrave (direct link)

GP Power Tools (Build 27) Additional Developer Tools Demonstration by David Musgrave (direct link)

Administrator Tools

GP Power Tools – Company Based Color Schemes (direct link)

GP Power Tools – Usability Enhancements (direct link)

Developer Tools

GP Power Tools –  Adding Custom Fields (direct link)

For step by step instructions see the full blog series:

Database Tools

Coming soon…

System Module

Coming soon…

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Last updated: 16-Mar-2023