#GPPT FAQ: What features belong to each GP Power Tools Module?

David Meego - Click for blog homepageWith the release of Build 29 of GP Power Tools, the release of Build 28 of GP Power Tools, the release of Build 27 of GP Power Tools and the release of Build 26 of GP Power Tools, this article is getting updated again.

With the release of Build 22 of GP Power Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP, there are lots of new features, so this article is getting updated.

Build 21 introduced the three modules which can be registered separately. This allows users to only purchase the parts of the product that they want to use.

Below are a number of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) with their answers:

Why was GP Power Tools separated into modules?

When GP Power Tools build 20 was first released in August 2015, the annual subscription was priced with a special introductory offer. It was always known that this offer undervalued the product, but it was offered to help the transition from the previously free (read as subsidized by Microsoft) Support Debugging Tool.

With the release of GP Power Tools build 21 in July 2016, the special introductory offer finished and the pricing model for the product was changed. GP Power Tools has many features and our research showed that some features were not being used by some users. To allow users to only pay for the features they wanted to use, the product was broken into three modules:

  • Administrator Tools
  • Developer Tools
  • Database Tools

What is the function of each module?

Below is the summary descriptions of what each module does:

Administrator Tools

  • Avoid data entry errors! Company based colour schemes provide an immediate visual cue to which company is being used.
  • Gain full administrative and audit control of your security system, including Deny-Based Security and Dynamic Product Selection.
  • Roll out Dex.ini setting and Launch File changes to all workstations.
  • Simplify troubleshooting by disabling third party products and customizations (including Visual Studio Addins and VBA).
  • Users can customize window positions and sizes based on the how they use the system.
  • Manage user licenses with user activity tracking, automatic logout and login limits.

Developer Tools

  • Create, execute and publish scripts from inside Dynamics GP, using  Dexterity, Transact-SQL, Visual C# and Visual Basic.Net.
  • Create triggers to schedule events, customize Dynamics GP, and debug issues by automatically capturing logs.
  • Build custom Report Writer functions, custom Service Based Architecture (SBA) service procedures or custom URL Drill Backs.
  • Request parameters from users for scripts without needing any additional programming and perform actions on SQL results returned.
  • Group triggers, scripts and parameter lists together into development projects for easy maintenance and exporting & importing.

Database Tools

  • Synchronize and repair Dynamics GP Companies and Users with SQL Server Databases, Logins and Database Users.
  • Update Logins and passwords after moving to a new SQL Server or when creating test environments.
  • Clean up system tables and validate database integrity and table structures before upgrading to minimize upgrade issues.
  • Export and import selected data from multiple tables using XML for quick
    transfer of small amounts of data between systems or for backups.
  • Easily reset user passwords and change password policy settings.

What features are available to all modules?

The following essential system features that come with the first module you register:

  • Capture and email 5 system logs in “One-Click”.
  • Capture and email a full system status report and screenshots of all open windows in “One-Click”.
  • Send emails from inside Dynamics GP even with no email client installed.
  • Change Dex.ini and registry settings from inside GP, including making GP work well on high res monitors.

Are there still Standard mode and Advanced mode features?

Yes, the features are still divided into standard mode and advanced mode features.

Standard Mode features are “user level” features that are safe for any user to use. They only require standard application level security to access.

Advanced Mode features are “administrator level” features that should only be used by administrators, developers or partner consultants. They require application level security as well as sysadmin or dbo privileges on system and company databases at the SQL level. They will also need to know the GP System Password (or GP Power Tools Administrator Password) if one is in use.

What windows are contained within each module?

To be more specific, below is a list of the windows that are contained in each module with the latest features highlighted and build numbers where the feature was added shown in parenthesis.

Administrator Tools

  • Resource Information
  • Resource Finder (28)
  • Security Profiler
  • Security Information
  • Security Log (20)
  • Security Analyzer (21)
  • Enhanced Security (22)
  • Security Denied (22)
  • Security Hidden (22)
  • Administrator Settings (A) including Automatic Logout (26)
  • Dex.ini Configuration (A)
  • Dictionary Control (A)
  • Company Login Filter (22) (A)
  • Window Position Memory (22) (A)
  • User Activity Log (26) (A)
  • Login Limits (26) (A)
  • Launch File Configuration (27) (A)
  • Dynamic Product Selection (27) (A)
  • Website Settings (28) (A)
  • Product Version Validation (28) (A)

Developer Tools

  • Trigger Status
  • Runtime Executer (20)
  • SQL Executer (20) with SQL Gotos (27)
  • .Net Executer (20)
  • Project Setup (22) (A)
  • Trigger Setup (A)
  • Runtime Execute Setup (A)
  • SQL Execute Setup (A)
  • .Net Execute Setup (20) (A)
  • Parameter Lists (21) (A)
  • Messages Setup (28) (A)
  • Dynamic Trigger Logging (22) (A)

Database Tools

  • XML Export (A)
  • XML Import (A)
  • Database Validation (20) (A)
  • SQL Login Maintenance (27) (A)
  • Password Reset Email Settings (28) (A)
  • Copy User Settings (28) (A)
  • SQL Trigger Control (28) (A)

System Module (available with the required system module)

  • GP Power Tools Logging Control
  • Capture Screenshots
  • Send Email
  • Dex.ini Settings
  • Calculator (27)
  • Administrator Password Setup (20) (A)
  • Logging Settings (21) (A)
  • Email Settings (21) (A)
  • Configuration Export/Import (A)
  • Dictionary Assembly Generator Control (28) (A)

Additional windows (available at all times)

  • About GP Power Tools
  • GP Power Tools Registration
  • GP Power Tools Feedback Survey
  • Configuration Maintenance (A)
  • Setup Backup and Restore (20) (A)

(A) Advanced Mode Feature

How does the menu navigation relate to the modules?

Below is a screenshot of the GP Power Tools Area Page showing the windows on the menus and the modules they belong to:

GP Power Tools Area Page Navigation 3
Click for full size image

Note that windows under the Transactions, Reports and Inquiry sections are all standard mode features.

Can I trial features I am not registered for?

Yes, you can. Once GP Power Tools is registered (the System Module is registered when any of the three modules is purchased), you can open a window for a module you do not have registered. A dialog will open and tell you that the window is not registered and offer to open the window in Preview mode.

Once the window is open in Preview mode (“Preview:” will be shown in the window title), you will be able to use the window with limitations. Some functionality will be disabled while the window is in preview mode. For example: You can create and edit scripts but you cannot execute them.

If you want to trial the feature with full functionality, please just activate a free 30 day trial from the Registration window by clicking the key icon on the individual module.

Can I use GP Power Tools without registration in the sample company?

Yes and No.

GP Power Tools is a system based module which means that most of its functions are available regardless of which company you are logged into at the time. Because of this, it is not possible to just allow it to be registered when in the sample Fabrikam company.

If you use GP Power Tools on a system where the ONLY company installed is the sample company, then you will be able to use its features in Trial Mode. As soon as another company exists, you will need to be registered.

I purchased GP Power Tools with the special introductory price, what modules do I get now?

All sites that took advantage of the introductory offer for build 20, will be registered for all three modules on build 21. The first subscription renewal will also be at the same special price.

For the second subscription renewal, the site can decide if they wish to keep all three modules registered or if they would like to change which modules they have registered. They would then pay the current subscription price for the modules they decide to keep.

Hope this explains everything.


17-Feb-2017: Updated to show changes for GP Power Tools build 22.
12-Feb-2019: Updated to show changes for GP Power Tools build 26.
27-May-2019: Updated to show changes for GP Power Tools build 27.
11-Aug-2020: Updated to show changes for GP Power Tools build 28.
13-Aug-2022: Updated to show changes for GP Power Tools build 29.

This article was originally posted on http://www.winthropdc.com/blog.

20 thoughts on “#GPPT FAQ: What features belong to each GP Power Tools Module?

  1. Hi David,

    We are planning to purchase GPPT. I wanted it mainly when users get any error, I wanted to know all the technical details behind it to be emailed to me. Also sometimes I want to know the Technical details of a field on the screen like what table is it from and what is the technical name of it. So, will Admin Tools sufficient for me? Please advise.



    • Sorry I missed this. Also sometimes I get DA or PIP trigger registration failed error when switching companies. Will Admin Tools reveal the reason for such issues ?


      • Hi again Jothikrishnan

        Manual Logging (System Feature) on startup might help see the scripts.

        Resource Information (Administrator Tools) will be able to identify which products the scripts come from. You then need to talk to their developers.

        Triggerd are normally only registered once on startup. Wondering why they are registering on switch company. Registering on switching company is only needed for dynamic triggers. This could be a coding error, unless they need dynamic triggers. I suggest asking on the forums about this, including wording and/or screenshots of error dialogs.



    • Hi Jothikrishnan

      Administrator Tools gives you all the Usability Enhancements and the Resource Information and Security features (including Deny Based Security).

      By registering any module, you get the System Features which includes manual logging and screenshot capture.

      So, yes Administrator Tools is what you need. Also look at what the other modules offer. You can ask for a free 30 day trial for the other modules.



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