#GPPT GP Power Tools build 27 released

David Meego - Click for blog homepageWinthrop Development Consultants is pleased to announce Build 27 of GP Power Tools (GPPT) for Microsoft Dynamics GP was released on 24-May-2019.

This build incorporates new features and enhancements to all modules of GP Power Tools, as well as general code improvements and fixes to existing functionality. It includes a number of features that were on the wish list, but did not get into the previous build.

To give you an idea of how much has been added, the user guide manual has grown from 385 pages in build 26 to 424 pages in build 27!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: To ensure continued registration after 01-Jul-2018, please update all workstations to Build 24 or later before the current subscription expires. Install over the top of the existing build, no need to uninstall first. You can also copy the updated files from one install to other installs.

Build 27 of GP Power Tools is available for the following Microsoft Dynamics GP versions:

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 (v11.0)
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and GP 2013 R2 (v12.0)
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 and GP 2015 R2 (v14.0)
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 and GP 2016 R2 (v16.0)
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 and GP 2018 R2 (v18.0)

System Features Module Enhancements

Changes to the System Features Module of GP Power Tools include the following:

When capturing logs on startup you can now specify which of the three logging modes to enable.

Added User Name information to the “This transaction is being edited by another user.” for SOP and POP windows.

Added a Calculator which can be used inside Dynamics GP (especially on the web client) and can copy and paste values.

Administrator Tools Module Enhancements

Changes to the Administrator Tools Module of GP Power Tools include the following:

Added Launch File Configuration to allow automatic updating of the Launch File (usually Dynamics.set), without having to visit individual workstations, based on rules defined.

Added Dynamic Product Selection to allow for realtime selection between multiple versions of a window (Original, Modified, Alternate or Modified Alternate) when the window is opened. Normally you can only have access to a single version unless you change user or security records. Now you can just select which version you want from a dialog before it opens.

Added a Security Log Details window to the Security Log, so you can review all user and company access for the selected security object.

Resource Information window now displays multiple results when searching, so you can just click directly on the result you are interested in rather than repeatedly clicking the Search Again button.

Added an option to hide Inactive Users from the Security Information window.

Enhancements to Automatic Logout warning dialog to bring the window to the foreground.

Fixes to Company Login Filter to fix issue with pathnames with folders not being identified correctly.

Developer Tools Module Enhancements

Changes to the Developer Tools Module of GP Power Tools include the following:

Added SQL Gotos, so that additional tasks can be performed based on the selected records from results returned by SQL Execute scripts.

Triggers can now be registered against Modifier Added Fields. Combined with the ability to run scripts against Modifier Added Fields, this allows for business logic to be added to these fields without using Visual Basic for Application (VBA) or Visual Studio Tools. You can now replace VBA modifications with triggers and scripts, and it works great on the Web Client.

Triggers can now be registered against Modal Dialogs. Something that Dexterity itself cannot do, but GP Power Tools can. You can now alter or automate Modal Dialogs simply and quickly.

Triggers running before the Window Pre event can now hide the window, so you can automate the window without the users seeing it being driven.

Added support for Visual Studio Integration Toolkit (VSIT) so that you can use a trigger to add custom application level menus into GP.

Added support for custom URL drill backs so you can add URLs to external documents and have them drill back into Microsoft Dynamics GP and perform any function you desire. For example:

Addition of Release Notes to Developer Tools allows a version history to be recorded with the objects.

Numerous enhancements to the Project Setup window and working with projects in general.

Enhancements to Runtime Execute Custom Web Services and SQL Execute Query Result sets to support data larger than 255 characters.

Added support for using clipboard with Names Button on windows with script editing.

Added Lookup Window Positioning to ensure lookup windows open next to calling window.

Database Tools Module Enhancements

Changes to the Database Tools Module of GP Power Tools include the following:

Added a SQL Login Maintenance window which can be used to reset passwords and check or change password policy settings. New passwords can be entered or generated and emailed to users.

Other Enhancements

For a detailed change log, look at the GPPTools.txt file which is also installed with GP Power Tools into the Microsoft Dynamics GP application folder.

More Information

For more information see the following pages and articles:

The following articles and links have been updated to include the changes for Build 27:

A special thanks to my team of beta testers especially Beat Bucher, Arthur Achilleos, and Phillip Jarre for their input in making this build even better than the last one.

Please post comments and feedback. Thank you for your support.



This article was originally posted on http://www.winthropdc.com/blog.

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