#GPPT Installing/Updating GP Power Tools

David Meego - Click for blog homepageWith the change to the direct distribution model for Winthrop Development Consultants products, it is a requirement for all sites to be updated to build 24 or later of GP Power Tools (current build is 28).

Updating all workstations to a new build can be a lot of work when there are many separate machines. This article explains the options available to assist you with the process. Download from here.

The update is required because from 01-Jul-2018 the registration system has changed to a completely new system. The older builds do not know how to communicate with the new registration server and so can not be registered again once they expire. Due to this change, all sites will need to be updated by the time their subscription is due to stay registered.

GP Power Tools MUST be installed on all workstations and servers to be fully functional. Everywhere that the Microsoft Dynamics GP application is installed should have GP Power Tools installed. If this recommended configuration is not followed, do not expect all the features of the product to function correctly.

You will need to install the update to all workstations in your system as you cannot mix builds of GP Power Tools. Once an update is installed on one workstation in the system, the other workstations will display a version warning on login and the product will be disabled until it is updated as well. Installing GP Power Tools on all workstations in a system makes sure all users can benefit from the features it offers.

As there will likely be table changes when installing the update, it is highly recommended to ensure all users are logged out until the update is completed. After updating the code, you will be required to log in once as a administrator user (‘sa’ or equivalent) once to complete the table updates.

There is no requirement to uninstall an existing installation. GP Power Tools can be installed over the top of an existing build. Just select the top option on the installer to re-install an existing instance. Then click Next, Next, I Accept, Next, (Select Instance, Next), Next, Next, and Finish.

Installer 9

If you want to automate the installation process, you can use the command line options to perform a silent install for the default instance:

GPPowerTools_18.00.0028.exe /s INSTALL=TRUE TARGETDIR="C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics\GP2018\"

Note: You can add an additional logging option if desired, add /l=<Path to Log File> to the end of the command line above. To specify an instance add DYNINSTDESC=”R2″.

From build 28 onwards, if you want to automate the uninstallation process, you can use the command line options to perform a silent uninstall for the default instance (once the product is removed from the Dynamics.set launch file using the uninstall inside GP or manually):

GPPowerTools_18.00.0028.exe /s UNINSTALL=TRUE TARGETDIR="C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics\GP2018\"

Note: You can add an additional logging option if desired, add /l=<Path to Log File> to the end of the command line above. To specify an instance add DYNINSTDESC=”R2″.

While a full installation is the preferred approach, it is also possible to copy the updated files from one installation to the other workstations in a system. The files that need to be copied are:

  • Application.GpPowerTools.dll
  • Application.GpPowerTools.xml
  • Application.GpPowerTools.Metadata.dll (GP 2015 or later)
  • Application.GpPowerTools.Metadata.xml (GP 2015 or later)
  • GPPTools.dic
  • GPPTools.pdf
  • Documentation\GPPTools.pdf
  • GPPTools.txt
  • GPPTools_License.doc
  • Dex.chm
  • QlmLicenseLib.dll
  • Addins\WinthropDC.GpPowerToolsVB.dll
  • Addins\WinthropDC.GpPowerToolsVC.dll
  • MimeKit.dll (Build 29.0 or later)
  • MailKit.dll (Build 29.0 or later)
  • System.Buffers.dll (Build 29.0 or later)

For a method of automating the copying of the above files, see my articles on the Developing for Dynamics GP blog:

Note: You will need to login once as a user with sysadmin SQL privileges (such as ‘sa’) to complete the table updates for the new build.

If you have already updated and still can’t get keys, then check with your partner or directly with Winthrop if your subscription is current.

For more details on the changes to the registration system see: Solution to Registration issues on Winthrop Development Consultants products. To see what the current release details are, check the portal: http://WinthropDC.com/GPPT.

Hope you find this information useful.


26-Jul-2018: Add direct link to downloads.
27-Aug-2018: Added more detail for install process.
11-Sep-2018: Added more detail about updating all workstations and logging users out.
12-Sep-2018: Added more information including link to Solution to Registration Issues article.
12-Feb-2019: Updated after release of Build 26.
14-Mar-2019: Updated with command line logging option.
24-May-2019: Updated after release of Build 27.
04-Aug-2020: Updated to highlight that GP Power Tools MUST be installed on every workstation and server.
11-Aug-2020: Updated with uninstall feature added for build 28.
01-Oct-2021: Updated to include new DLLs included in build 29.

This article was originally posted on http://www.winthropdc.com/blog.

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