How Do I Get Keys For A New Version?

David Meego - Click for blog homepageRecently, I have been getting a lot of requests for subscription keys for Winthrop products before upgrading to new versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

This article will explain how Winthrop products obtain new subscription keys automatically over the internet and what the process is if a system is not internet connected.

Upgrading/installing Winthrop products is simple, just download and install the latest code for the matching version of Microsoft Dynamics GP from our website:

You will need to log in once to any company as ‘sa’ or an equivalent user to update the SQL objects.

You don’t need to perform multiple steps as our products can update from any previous version or build to the latest code. FYI: Version matches GP version and Build describes product feature set.

Note: It is really important to always keep all workstations and servers in your system updated with the latest build of our products. This way you can get all the features, fixes and enhancements your subscription entitles you to, but also ensure that your system is not at risk from the Security Vulnerability discovered.

Subscribe to the blog and watch the product portal pages to stay informed:

Subscription keys for the new version will be automatically generated and retrieved via the internet from our registration server, assuming the site has a current subscription. There is no need to manually request keys unless the system is not connected to the internet.

If the system is not connected to the internet, click the Update Keys button on the Registration window to print a Registration Request report. Copy and paste the text of the report (not image) and email to We will then send out manual keys with instructions. Please follow the emailed instructions as there are two keys to enter for each row on the registration window.

If you don’t know how to open the Registration window, see this “tongue in cheek” article:

Before and after upgrading, we highly recommend using GP Power Tools’ Database Validation feature (using latest build) to ensure that the SQL logins and database configuration, Dynamics Utilities tables, Account Framework and database table structures are all correct. It also can be used to recreate logins after moving to a new or test server.

The following articles provide more information on installing and updating our products. GP Power Tools should be installed on all workstations and servers where GP is installed:

Also take this opportunity to ensure you have GP Power Tools fully set up:

Hope this information is helpful.


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