Subscription Keys Not Renewing Automatically

David Meego - Click for blog homepageWinthrop Development Consultants products are sold using an annual subscription model which means they need to have their subscription renewed and updated each year to remain functional.

This process is usually fairly smooth and transparent as long as the invoice is paid by the due date and the system is internet connected. Invoices are due one month before the expiry date so that if they are paid on time, the subscription is renewed automatically before any expiry warnings are displayed.

If the invoice has not been paid or the subscription has not renewed automatically via the internet, then expiry warnings will be displayed to administrator users for the 30 days leading up to the expiry. Once expired, the Subscription Expired warning will be displayed to all users explaining that the system is now in a grace period.

Note: Visual Studio Integration Toolkit is a free product and should update automatically via the internet each year.

The Subscription Expired dialog looks like the screenshot below:

Once the invoice has been paid and the subscription records have been updated on our Registration Server, the new keys should be automatically pulled down to the customer’s system the next day. You can also open the Registration window and manually request keys with the Update Keys button.

The automatic update process might be disabled, if the setting on the drop-down list at the bottom of the Registration window has been changed. It should be on the first option for the smoothest automated approach. Please ensure the Automatically check option on this first setting (Once per day when keys are invalid, have expired, or are due to expire), to ensure future renewals are fully automated.

If the system is not internet connected or a firewall is blocking access to the registration server, the Registration window will open in Offline mode. When in Offline mode, clicking Update Keys will generate an Offline Registration Key request which should be emailed (as text) to You can also add details and credentials for a proxy server if that will help get through a firewall.

To test if a system can access the web service for our registration server, open the link below with a browser:

To get to the update check URLs use the example link below. Product codes are GPPT, BPST, VSIT, IVCP and Version Numbers are in the form Ver1100 to Ver1805, etc.

If you don’t know how to open the Registration window, see this “tongue in cheek” article:

Note: Another reason that a product might not update its subscription could be because it has not been updated for a while and is no longer supported. Only the last two builds of our products can be registered. It is highly recommended to ALWAYS update to the current build of our products for your version of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

The following articles provide more information on installing and updating our products. GP Power Tools should be installed on all workstations and servers where GP is installed:

Also take this opportunity to ensure you have GP Power Tools fully set up:

Hope this information is helpful.


31-Jan-2023: Added screenshot of Registration Window options.

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