Where is the Support Debugging Tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015?

David Meego - Click for blog homepageHello everyone

As most of you know I am the developer of the Support Debugging Tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP (SDT).

The SDT has been provided free of charge to Partners and Customers (via their partners) in the Dynamics community since its release in September 2008. The tool and its feature set have come a long way from the public release of build 9 for GP versions 8.0, 9.0 and 10.0.

Six years later in September 2014 I released the latest version of the tool: build 19 for GP versions 10.0, 11.0 (GP 2010) and 12.0 (GP 2013 & GP 2013 R2).

The day after I released build 19 I was given one month’s notice that I would be made redundant (laid off) by Microsoft.

Now, the Support Debugging Tool was and has always been my pet project. It took a lot of work to persuade the powers that be to allow it to be made publically available. All the development and most of the ideas have come from me, including design, coding, documentation, testing and support. Much of the vast number of hours of time invested have been my personal out of hours time.

While there had been discussion with both the Development and Support teams, there was never any real interest from them to make the tool more official. This is why you will be told that the tool is unsupported by Microsoft and not widely used by the support team. Even though it was originally created as a tool to help the support team debug problems… hence the name.

Now that I have left Microsoft, the tool is “in stasis”. It is still available for download, but there will not be any further development by Microsoft. That is why it is not available for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 yet.

So, the next question is “What is the future for the Support Debugging Tool?”.

The answer is that I have been negotiating with Microsoft, since I was told I would be leaving, to gain ownership of the code. Sadly, this process is taking much longer than I had hoped but progress is being made.

Once the agreement is finalised, the Support Debugging Tool will be updated and reborn as a product of Winthrop Development Consultants and sold for a nominal charge per site using an annual subscription model.

“But wait” you cry “It was free, why will there be a cost now?”

As I am no longer getting a salary from Microsoft, I need to be able to cover the costs of the continued development of the tool. I have lots of ideas to make the tool better, easier to use and more powerful and with your support and feedback will make a better tool for the community to help support and administer Microsoft Dynamics GP.

This change of ownership will also provide a great opportunity to change the name of the tool. For too long the word “Debugging” or even “Support” has scared people away from the tool. Even the initials, SDT, make people think about unmentionable diseases.

I have some ideas for a new name, but would love to your input. So all the people who always told me you don’t like the name, here’s you chance, post a comment with ideas for a new name.

Think of something that encompasses all the features which the tool can assist you with; logging, troubleshooting, resource info, security, screenshots, system reports, triggers, scripting (SQL and Dexterity), data transfer, pre upgrade checks and much more.

Looking forward to your feedback.


PS: If you haven’t responded on the Support Debugging Tool feedback survey yet, please do as your feedback is valuable.

This article was originally posted on http://www.winthropdc.com/blog.

35 thoughts on “Where is the Support Debugging Tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015?

  1. I am surprised that it was not widely used by MS Support especially since the three MS Partners I have used in the past have always suggested I install it.


  2. First of all… Thank you. Those of us long enough in the business appreciate your work and look forward to the new era of the tool. I believe the are other tools out the with Power in their names so something fresher would be nice… GP Helpbox is my take. Can’t wait!


  3. I have used the the SDT since version 8.Nice,very useful tool. I would still buy it for a nominal fee.It has become a great part of my support arsenal that I can not do without.

    I am not sure I support the name change though,but I think GP internals toolbox would sound better.


  4. Used one of the very first versions of the tool to debug GP LATAM localization issues with great success! Even though I’m no longer connected with Microsoft or GP, I highly recommend the tool, simply because I know David doesn’t do anything half-heartedly. As for the name, how about GP Smart box?


  5. Hi David,

    Here’s my first suggestion for SDT’s new name. I am sure I’ll send through a few more!

    Executive Control Kit



  6. Just as the life savers and life guards that patrol the Australian beaches have a swag of tools, packs (medicine, aspirators) and machines (surf boards, beach buggies) to assist beach goers to enjoy their time on the water front as well as to provide emergency and remedial assistance, that is what the features in SDT do.
    So, my next suggestion is :
    GP Life Guard Pack
    Then you can ask “Have you got your Life Guard watching over your GP system?”


  7. Is the Support Debugging Tool still available for GP 2013? I’m unable to find a download.

    By the way, I vote for GP Power Tools as the name.


      • Okay – thanks, David. Have fun at Convergence! If you get a chance, stop by the CSSI booth (#760) and say Hi to my co-workers.


  8. David,

    I’m a bit late to the game, but wanted to extend my regards to you for your time and money spent on the development of the SDT. I have used this since I started supporting GP (sometime in 2007 I believe). We recent;y upgraded from GP2013 to GP2016 and you can imagine the slight panic when I started reading that it was no longer available. Congrats on the partnership with Mekorma. I’m glad this tool is continuing to be developed.

    Kind regards.


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