Friday Funny: Bicycles built based on people’s attempts to draw them from memory

David Meego - Click for blog homepageThis is from a little while ago (March 2016), but it is hilarious… especially if you enjoy cycling like I do.

Before you read any further, let’s start with a challenge: Grab a pen and a piece of paper and draw a men’s bicycle from memory, include as much detail as you can.

How did you go? Could your drawing actually work

It starts in 2009, when designer Gianluca Gimini started asking people (both friends and strangers) to draw a men’s bicycle from memory. Just like I did above.

The results were interesting as while some people did draw correct bicyles, most people made mistakes and created drawings with parts missing from the frame, frames that could not steer or placed the chain incorrectly.

He has now collected 376 drawings and his taking his experiment to the next level by creating 3D renderings of the bicycles as though they were real.

Some of the renderings look like they could work until you look closer….

Go check out his site:

Here are some statistics from his site:

  • Total number of collected bicycles: 376
  • Youngest participant: 3 y.o.
  • Oldest participant: 88 y.o.
  • Different nationalities of participants: 7



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