Microsoft Dynamics GP HTML5 Web Client Date Format issue will be fixed

David Meego - Click for blog homepageA little while back I was discussing the Microsoft Dynamics GP HTML5 Web Client with an Australian Partner Consultant and he told me about an issue I was not aware of with date formats.

It turns out that the HTML5 web client does not display date formats correctly for anyone outside of North America. More specifically, the date format used in the application windows is in MM/DD/YYYY format regardless of your workstation’s regional settings.

The following screenshot from my system demonstrates this perfectly:

This is running with the demo data (sample company) and the date has been set to the 12-Apr-2017 (Fabrikam Day) on an Australian system with the regional setting has dates as DD/MM/YYYY format.

You will notice that the calendar expansion shows correctly as does the User Date in the blue title bar. However, the date on the window itself is fixed into Month, Day, Year format and will not change.

This causes all kinds of problems with data entry errors, especially in the first 12 days of a month when the user interface does not complain and just blindly accepts dates that are incorrect. Closing and opening periods will minimise the effects of these errors when posting, but some customers have said that it makes the Web Client unusable until it is fixed.

Good News.

I have confirmation that the issue (quality report 90754 – When regional settings are changed, date format does not update inside transaction entry windows in the HTML5 Web Client.) has been fixed and will be included in the mid year update for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018. This release is due around the June/July timeframe. Sadly, the fix will not be rolled back into GP 2016.

Note: If you want to update your sample company from 2017 to 2027, please use the scripts in the following article:

Hope you found this information helpful.


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