#GPPT Updates for the GP Power Tools Public Beta

David Meego - Click for blog homepageToday, I am releasing an update to the GP Power Tools Public Beta.

If you have installed a previous version, please download and install this updated code as it contains a number of cosmetic and performance changes that have been identified by beta testers and during the documentation process.

The Beta 3 (Last Modified: 13-Jul-2015) build includes the following changes:

  • The About GP Power Tools window now shows the versions of the Visual C# and Visual Basic.Net Extension Addins if they are installed.
  • The Database Validation window fixes a couple of fields which had incorrect resizing properties and did not move correctly when the window was resized.
  • The Security Log window does not refresh multiple times when changing Display Modes, it will now only refresh once.
  • The GP 2013 build has better compatibility with GP 2013 R2. The Addins were causing errors.
  • Meta data changes for the custom Service Enabled Procedures in GP 2015.
  • The documentation is almost completed (except for Database Validation). The User Guide Manual PDF is now 238 pages long.

Also, have the following guidelines for a smooth installation:

  • If upgrading from the Support Debugging Tool, install Debugger.cnk and GPPTools.cnk first. Do not install any DLLs. Run as Administrator to allow Debugger.cnk to replace the Support Debugging Tool’s Debugger.dic and update the Dynamics.set to use GPPTools.dic in future. Once the changes to Dynamics.set are completed, the DLLs in the application folder and the Addins folder can be installed.
  • After copying the DLL files to the application folder and Addins folder, right click on each one and Unblock the DLL if it is blocked. The Unblock Button will show at the bottom of the General tab.


  • If the Addins cause issues, you can remove them, but you will lose the functionality they provide. Please contact me if you have any issues.
  • Login at least once as a user with ‘sa’ or similar permissions to allow the SQL tables in the Dynamics database to be created. If upgrading from the Support Debugging Tool, the Debugger.xml file be imported to populate the SQL tables.
  • Once GP Power Tools is installed, all Support Debugging Tool files (except for the Debugger.xml) will be removed.
  • If upgrading from a previous Beta build, there is no need to un-install, just copy the GPPTools.cnk and replace the DLL files in the appropriate folders.

Enjoy the beta and please provide feedback as comments on this post and via the survey built into GP Power Tools.


This article was originally posted on http://www.winthropdc.com/blog.

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