#GPPT What’s New: Security Activity Tracking and Security Log

David Meego - Click for blog homepageAs GP Power Tools approaches release, it is time to continue the What’s New series and explain another of the new features added to the product.

You can now enable Security Activity Tracking to collect statistical data on the usage of the various resources and security objects within the system.

This tracking can provide accurate data on which users use particular areas of the Microsoft Dynamics GP application and can be used to assist with the creation of Security Tasks and Security Roles when designing your security model.

The feature is enabled from the Administrator Settings window. Once enabled GP Power Tools will track every call to the application level security system and log whether access was granted or denied.

Administrator Settings 1

The information collected is kept on a user & company, user, company and system basis, so you can analyse the data from whichever angle you wish.

The new Security Log window is used to review the captured activity information. You can view the information for any user and/or company you select. The data can be initially sorted by resource or one of the 3 count columns (Total, Granted or Denied), however once the data is displayed you can click on the column headers to change the sorting as desired.

Security Log 

You can select any row in the data and right click or use the Security button to drill down to the Security Information window. You can right click or use the Open button to open a window or report if you want to see which window or report it is. You can also double click to open the Resource Information to that object or resource.

Finally you can use the checkboxes to select individual resources and/or security objects, then use the Security button to create Security Tasks and Security Roles from the selected items.

Security Log Create Task

You can now build your security model based on actual historical usage data from your own system.



This article was originally posted on http://www.winthropdc.com/blog.

5 thoughts on “#GPPT What’s New: Security Activity Tracking and Security Log

  1. Nice feature David. Does the tracking happen to also capture workstation name and A/D user account of who’s logged in?

    I’ve got a situation where a power user has been set up with higher sql permissions to allow finance to set up users in GP without sa/DYNSA. This login is shared. They’d like to track which manager uses it and audit that it’s only being used for this intended purpose, but that would require tracking the A/D login of the user who is logged into GP on that machine. The alternative is setting up each of their regular logins with higher sql permissions but they are hesitant to do that right now…


  2. Hi Jen

    At this stage it only tracks the Dynamics GP User ID and Company ID. Even if I added the extra information, it would be overwritten each time the window is used by that user.

    The Activity Tracking stores the number of accesses statistics for a window, it does not provide a list of dates and times. It is not designed as an auditing tool.

    It would be possible to use GP Power Tools to write a trigger to record access to the Enter User Names window and capture the machine name and Windows login. I already have functions for getting that information so we could just call the code in GP Power Tools to capture that information and write it to the log file (or any other file or table).



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