#GPPT GP Power Tools Build 22 hotfix released

David Meego - Click for blog homepageAnother reason for the lack for articles recently is that I have been working on a hotfix for GP Power Tools.

Developers…. make sure you read the last bullet point in the list below. No more SDK woes.

A hotfix for GP Power Tools Build 22 was released on 19-Jun-2017. This release shows as Last Modified: 19-Jun-2017 on the About GP Power Tools window and the installer version is XX.00.0022.7.

The hotfix contains a number of improvements and fixes including:

  • Fixed Window Position Memory Unhandled Script Exception with SmartList window (For GP 2013 builds before SP2).
  • Fixed issues with Window Position Memory and Automatic Window Positioning clashing with Integration Manager.
  • Fixed Automatic Window Positioning code to resolve window ghosting issue seen on Citrix server.
  • Fixed incorrect options being displayed in Enhanced Security window for Purchasing Document Access.
  • Updated descriptions for Service Based Architecture (SBA) Web Services.
  • Updated Exit After Processes option to be Web Client compatible and added it to Quicklinks.
  • Updated SQL Execute Setup window to add the System Database to All companies mode.
  • Added support for GO T-SQL  statements in SQL Execute Setup window.
  • Added ability to execute the selected text for Runtime Execute Setup and SQL Execute Setup windows.
  • Added Goto Line option to all script editor windows to jump to a specific line.
  • Added extra Bright Themes and new Light Themes to Company Color Schemes. There are now 110 built in Themes.
  • Added Check for Updates option to the About GP Power Tools window under the Options menu.
  • Added Display Parameters feature to Resource Information window when in Procedures and Functions mode.

It is highly recommended that all users of GP Power Tools for all versions and builds upgrade to this release.

Please download from the Mekorma website: GP Power Tools.


This article was originally posted on http://www.winthropdc.com/blog.

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