Winthrop Development Consultants will distribute all of its products directly from 01-Jul-2018

David Meego - Click for blog homepageWinthrop Development Consultants has been working closely with Mekorma to distribute its product range for the last two years. Back in November 2017, we moved our free Visual Studio Integration Toolkit (VSIT) product back to Winthrop. Now we are pleased to announce that the remaining products; GP Power Tools (GPPT) and Batch Posting Service Toolkit (BPST) will be distributed directly by Winthrop Development Consultants from July 2018.

From July 2018, all new subscriptions, subscription renewals, and sales and support queries will be handled via Winthrop Development Consultants. All installations will need to upgrade their software before their subscriptions expire to be able to renew under Winthrop’s registration system.

Working with Mekorma has been a great experience and helped Winthrop Development Consultants get started and get our range of products to market faster and easier. Thanks to Ora, Craig, Angel, Jay, Mariano and the whole Mekorma team.


Winthrop Development Consultants has created a Partner Portal for partners to use for all their sales, support, ordering and renewal requirements.

If you are a partner and need access to the partner portal, please use the Partner Signup form on the page below to sign up as a Winthrop Development Consultants partner (no costs involved) and obtain the required credentials:

Partners are entitled to free NFR (Not for Resale) keys for all Winthrop Development Consultants products. Once signed up, registration keys are downloaded automatically from the registration servers as long as the actual partner keys are installed in Dynamics GP (not Two, Inc. keys).

Direct Customers

For direct customers, the online forms for ordering and renewing subscriptions will be available from the Contact page.

Operations Update

All new orders and renewals will be actioned through the Winthrop Development Consultants website via online forms.

Payments for subscriptions (new and renewals) can be made via PayPal (using PayPal Account or Credit Cards – MasterCard or VISA). We cannot accept cheques/checks or any other credit cards (such as American Express).


Please note that these changes take effect as at 1st July 2018, until then please continue to work with Mekorma for subscription ordering and renewals.


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