#MSDynGP Dynamics 365 BC is not an upgrade from Dynamics GP

David Meego - Click for blog homepageThis week a forum thread on the GPUG Open Forum caught my attention and I felt I had to respond. The topic was the future of Microsoft Dynamics GP and whether moving to Dynamics 365 is an option.

The fact that the question was asked again has prompted me to write another article to help get the correct message out to the Microsoft Dynamics GP community.

TLDR: I believe that the Microsoft sales and marketing machine and its promotion of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 products are having a very negative affect on the existing customer base of Microsoft Dynamics GP. Partners who believe the hype are scaring their customers into moving away from Microsoft Dynamics GP and those customers are more likely to go to a competitor’s product than to Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Below is my response from the forum post:

Disclaimer: This is my opinion only.

While Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) is being developed at a rapid rate, it does not have the maturity and functionality of Microsoft Dynamics GP. If you have a plain GL, AR, AP system then it might be an option for you (as long as you have fast and reliable internet).

If you have other modules from Microsoft (such as Project Accounting, Field Service, Manufacturing, etc.) or modules from ISVs (Independent Software Vendors), then moving to Business Central is likely to be a downgrade with much functionality lost. It would also probably be a re-implementation as there is no one-click migration.

Microsoft Dynamics GP has a new version scheduled for release before the end of the year (not sure of exact dates yet), It is not confirmed, but I hope it will be labelled as “Microsoft Dynamics GP 2020”. When this new version releases there will be at least 5 years of full support and another 5 years of maintenance support. That gets us to at least 2030 and probably beyond…

Please read my previous articles on the topic:

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a cash cow for Microsoft and they will not want to kill the cash cow, even though their sales and marketing team have been spreading misinformation (or at least giving the wrong impression) about the future of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

At this stage what I have been hearing on the grapevine is that Microsoft Dynamics GP customers who believe the hype (possibly because of their partners scaring them) are more likely to move to a non-Microsoft product than Business Central.



PS: I wonder if my MVP Status will be renewed on the 1st July?

[Edit:] Please note that my article does not say anything negative about BC. The issue is that there is no reason to move away from GP any time soon. What I am hearing from many sources is that those customers who have been scared by the hype are more likely to change to a competitor’s product that to re-implement on BC. GP is still being developed and not going away for at least another 10 years.

To quote Douglas Adams: Don’t Panic.

29-Jun-2019: Added commentary edit.

This article was originally posted on http://www.winthropdc.com/blog.

11 thoughts on “#MSDynGP Dynamics 365 BC is not an upgrade from Dynamics GP

  1. Your MVP status should be renewed if they they are recognizing the true technical leaders in our GP community. I don’t see any bashing of 365 here, just an honest assessment of what customers on GP should be aware of. Nicely said David.


    • Never mind, found “Too Long, Didn’t Read” when I arranged the letters in the right order 🙂
      Everything that I’ve seen shows Biz Central relates to Nav, and D365 F&O/Finance and Operations is Ax. I have not seen the apps running, that’s just what I’ve discerned from some posts.
      Most of the world has a “4th of July” but we also call it Independence Day here and I hope you’ll raise a glass for us!


  2. I’m glad to see this posted. The partner I deal with suggested that that Dynamics 365 was the cloud version of Dynamics GP. Then I did some research and came to find that it more resembles NAV! It’s the “GP” part of the name that makes GP what it is, not the “Dynamics” part.

    “365” is becoming a dirty word to me. Microsoft has been increasing prices, and decreasing support, of perpetual products in competition with their 365 offerings, with the looming threat that the perpetual option will just outright be eliminated.


    • Hi Marc
      Please feed your thoughts back to your partner. I think the BC sales commissions that Microsoft are offering blinds some partners from doing the right thing for their customers. If you want there are a number of ways to put GP into the cloud.


      • I’m not surprised about the commissions. That fits right in with Microsoft’s escalating cloud-first strategy.

        I have no desire to put GP into the cloud. That’s something that the partner mentioned on their own.


  3. I have mentioned to partners that Microsoft is pushing me toward a competitor not their half-baked, cash flow oriented, badly supported cloud solution. Microsoft is sacrificing a solution with a market-dominant position in order to push a cloud play they will never, ever win.

    This is what happens when you replace corporate management with toadies from a single division. The strategy of the entire company is to justify the existence of the division they came from. Business solutions, Office, and even gaming are all turning off current users with licences in order to stroke the ego of the CEO from cloud.


    • Hi Jeff

      There is no reason to move away from the perfectly functional and well supported Dynamics GP system.

      I agree that the MS strategy is more likely to push a customer to a non-MS solution than to Dynamics 365 BC.



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