Microsoft Dynamics GP – October 2019 has released

David Meego - Click for blog homepageThe next release of Microsoft Dynamics GP was released today, and Winthrop Development Consultants has already updated its products for Microsoft Dynamics GP – October 2019 release. They are now built against the final “shipping” build.

Check out the previous articles for more information:

As of today (07-Oct-2019), Winthrop Development Consultants has released the updated installers for all of its products for Microsoft Dynamics GP (v18.2). These updates can be downloaded from the product pages:

Check out the release announcement, Microsoft Dynamics GP has released!, and the What’s New in Dynamics GP in October 2019 article.

The Microsoft Dynamics GP Links page on this blog has also been updated with the latest links.

Jennifer and I are already in Orlando for the User Group Summit 2019 conference, and I have just trained the first day of the Dexterity Fundamentals Bootcamp.

Don’t forget to register for the GP Power Tools workshop on Monday 14th October.

Looking forward to seeing you here next week.


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One thought on “Microsoft Dynamics GP – October 2019 has released

  1. This is awesome, except they really should have numbered their dictionaries 18.3.XXXX not 18.2.XXXX since many partners and customers have used 18.2 in their numbering schemes already to distinguish between 2018 and 2018R2.


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